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"I like custom built stuff as a rule and a few years ago I came across a Tingley built, medium action rod I use for striped bass fishing, it's now my go-to stick when the big fish are around. I love it!" -Chris, Florida

Ty's ice rods are great for a bunch of different styles of ice fishing!" -Jake, Maine

"Ty, of Tingley Customs Rods is so personal with the design and every rod is a masterpiece!" -Sarah, Maine

In my 24 years of fishing I can safely say I've never seen better quality or craftsmanship from any other brand of rod, both custom and commercial. They're perfect for any type of fishing, whether you're after striper. mackerel, sharks, or tuna. Ty's Custom Rods will land the big ones!" -Jordan, Maine

"I've used custom rods by Ty Tingley for a couple years now and find for light to medium rods the balance and action, as well as the overall look, are second to none!" -Tom, Maine

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