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You’ll note there is no order form on this web page. That’s because you can’t just click on a box and expect to get a custom designed rod that you’ll enjoy for decades.


To order a rod, you’ll have to talk to the rod designer. And that would be Ty Tingley.

To reach Ty at his rod studio, email The studio is in Tucson, which is on Mountain Standard Time. In the summer you’ll reach Ty in Maine. If he’s not available, he is probably fishing. Leave a message, and he’ll get back to you.

Ty will ask you about the kind of fishing you do and get pretty detailed about the sort of presentations you like to make. No rod can do everything, so it’s important to explore the trade-offs between variables such as casting power, sensitivity, and strength. He’ll be thinking about the ergonomics of the grip and what sort of handle best fits your hand and your style of fishing. At the end of the conversation, he’ll have a good idea of what rod will fit your needs and will give you a price and timetable for the project.


Ty asks for a 50% down payment before he begins your rod. 


Ty builds rods from October to May, a schedule which works for most fishermen in North America who don’t have year-round access to open water. It can take several weeks  to build a rod so if you need a rod for a special vacation, a holiday, or a birthday, plan on at least two months lead time.

Two principal items determine the cost of a custom designed rod: the components and the labor involved in any special finishing techniques employed. Since every rod is different, there is no standard price. Ty will give you an estimate for your rod design after you and he have had a conversation and the rod design is firmed up.

 How Do you Order a Rod?

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 What Does a Custom Designed Rod Cost?

For planning purposes, the cost of various types of custom designed rods usually fall into the following ranges:


   Fresh or saltwater fly rods                                                                                  $400–$600

   Ice fishing rod                                                                                                       $75–$100

   Bass rods                                                                                                               $200–$300

   Light spin rods                                                                                                      $150–$300

   In-shore spin rods                                                                                                $200–$350

   Surf rods                                                                                                                $350–$650

   Light trolling rods                                                                                                 $250–$600

   Tuna or shark rods                                                                                                $750–$1250

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